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Refining Knowledge Management Network

Enhancing your company's knowledge management system.

Refining Knowledge Management Network (RKMN) combines the power of three essential information-management tools to streamline data for every aspect of your business under one network. This means that you need only one subscription to stay current on global refining trends, technology, and business news. The RKMN service includes the Worldwide Refining Business Digest Weekly.e, ReviewNET, and Worldwide Refining and Petrochemical Industry Monitor, giving you an eye on all angles of the refining industry - including your competition! More


An information search service for & business intelligence & technical solutions.

REFINESearch is a confidential, prompt, and affordable service that retrieves and analyzes comprehensive, reliable refining business information and technologies for you. The search is tailored to fit your needs, producing a customized report according to your search objectives and specifications. REFINESearch gives you the information you need to trouble-shoot, to make informed decisions, and to plan ahead in order to keep your business running as smoothly as possible. More


A live, online refining technology encyclopedia.

Our online technology database, ReviewNET, is your internet link to the most inclusive and current source for technology development and competition information for all processing units, from the front end to the back end. ReviewNET is a compilation of the technology topics covered in the Worldwide Refinery Processing Review, making it your LIVE refining technology encyclopedia. More