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Knowledge and technology can provide the world with both energy security and a clean environment SM.

Hydrocarbon Publishing Company is a knowledge-management company serving refining and petrochemicals companies globally. Since it was founded in 1987, our company has established itself as a premier knowledge center, offering comprehensive, strategic business and technical intelligence. We supply critical information to our clients on a timely basis via our unique newsletters, strategic reports, and online services. Our mission is "Translating Knowledge into Profitability®" for the energy industry. Here are our clients.


February 2014

This 900-page comprehensive report is written to help refiners who are facing difficult decisions on selection of discounted crudes and making of products in demand amid unsteady price trends.

Sulfur Plant, and Refinery
Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

1Q 2020

A comprehensive guide for refiners designed to highlight the technological aspects of each and every process in a petroleum refinery.

Watch the Opportunity Crudes Management Seminar (OCMS) series:
"Resid Hydrocracking: Monetizing the Bottoms"
in December, 2018.

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