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Conference Papers

Publication date:May 2012
Item#: F01205

Papers presented by various companies at the Opportunity Crudes conference held in Houston, TX in 2012.

May 07, 2012 (Monday)

Morning session: Global Crude Market Outlook & Crude Quality Management

Afternoon session: Latest Developments in Resid and Heavy Oil Upgrading Technologies

May 08, 2012 (Tuesday)

Morning session: Novel Technologies to Boost Product Yields & Refiners' Experiences

Afternoon session: Shale Plays and Impacts of Shale Oils on Refinery Operations

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The Conference Papers are sold for the exclusive use of the subscribing companies and their employees. No other use, duplications, storage in a retrieval system, transcriptions in any form or in any language or by any means of the Conference Papers or any part contained therein is permitted without written consent from Hydrocarbon Publishing Company, P.O. Box 661, Southeastern PA 19399 (USA).

Keywords: shale oil, shale plays, acid crude, Eagle Ford, Bakken, Utica, Niabrara, miscibility, resid FCC, resid hydrocracking, coking, visbreaking, deasphalting, oil sand, high-TAN, bottom-of-the-barrel (BOB) oil, opportunity crude oil, diesel, propylene, fuel oil, corrosion, fouling, energy efficiency, energy saving, carbon footprint, petroleum refining or downstream conference