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Multi-Client Strategic Report

Publication date:December 2007
Item#: C00701

In-depth and insightful report on technology advances and economic assessments of solutions to secure steady fuel supplies and comply with increasingly stringent environmental requirements especially related to climate change in the next 10-20 years.

To refiners, changes and challenges are constant. After overcoming the obstacles of fuel reformulations and dismal profit margins in the 1990s, the global refining industry is now under rising pressure from government energy policies to provide a steady supply of affordable fuels to the market and, at the same time, to comply with increasingly stringent environmental requirements regarding fuel cleanliness and plant emissions. This looming pressure is compounded by surging oil prices and public concerns over global warming, which has been partly attributed to the burning of fossil fuels. Additional difficulties and uncertainties lie in the need to increase product supply when mandates require that a portion of the supply be displaced by alternative fuels. Furthermore, operations at existing plants and future expansions to produce ultra-clean fuels must emit less CO2. The combination of these interdependent factors foretells a "perfect storm" on the horizon for petroleum refiners.

The next few years represent a water-shed era that will cause a drastic change in the refining industry around the world. Strategically positioned companies, which deploy resources in the right areas, will survive at the expense of those unprepared. It has been demonstrated in the past that the well-formulated strategies can successfully turn challenges into opportunities. This report has identified six strategic and financially-rewarding areas (as shown below) that help refiners maintain robust profitability at a time of global uncertainty, and rapidly changing market and regulatory conditions.

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Keywords: alkylation, alternative fuels/energy, aromatics production, biofuel, biomass, bitumen, bottom-of-the-barrel, catalysts, catalytic reforming, coking, crude distillation, crude treating and desalting, energy conservation and management, environment, environmental controls, extra heavy oil, fluid catalytic cracking or FCC, gas to liquids production or GTL, gasification, guide for refinery best practices, heavy oil, high acid crude, hydrocracking, hydrogen recovery/purification, hydroprocessing, hydrotreating, isomerization, iso-octane, light olefins production, maintenance, market trends, oil sand, opportunity crudes, petrochemicals, plant upgrades and revamps, product treating, refinery or refining units, refinery processes handbook, reliability and safety, resid, solvent extraction and deasphalting, sulfur, supply and demand, tarsands, unit shutdown, visbreaking