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Multi-Client Strategic Report

Publication date:March 2005
Item#: C00501

Gasoline Reformulation (year 2005 and beyond), Higher Gasoline and LCO Production, Raising Light Olefins Yield, Bottom-of-the-Barrel Processing, NOX and SOX Emission Abatement, and Unit Reliability and Revamps.

Thanks to strong demand and high oil prices, global refining margins have been very robust. How long will it last and what can refiners do to keep it going? This multi-client strategic report (published in March 2005) identifies and analyses the latest technologies to maximize and maintain fluid catalytic cracker operating margins.

The FCCU continue to perform "miracles" for refiners in light of increasingly stringent fuel standards, changing market conditions, and competing technologies. Its role has expanded from a gasoline-machine to an olefins maker, a sulfur remover, a residue upgrader, and possibly a significant contributor to the ULSD pool in the future. We consider the FCC technology advances are as drivers of the perpetual refinery profit cycle.

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Keywords: bitumen, bottom-of-the-barrel, extra heavy oil, fluid catalytic cracking or FCC, high acid crude, hydrotreating, hydrocracking, resid, oil sand, opportunity crude