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Worldwide Refinery Processing Review (Individual Technology)

Publication date:4Q 2015
Item#: B1007

Energy conservation and management

In an environment where the oil market sees constant rises and drops in crude oil prices and refined product demand, one constant that remains is the need to reduce operating costs throughout a refinery. Energy efficiency remains one of the key factors in which refineries can remain competitive in the downstream sector, and identifying and absolving the major sources of inefficiency will not only reduce operating costs, but cut down on CO2 emissions as well. In this Review, we focus on the steps a refinery can take towards improving the efficiency of heat exchangers through new technologies and fouling reduction, and improved utilization of heat through waste heat recovery and process integration. Both methods can help in the reduced duty of boilers and, most importantly, furnaces, which account for over 34% of refinery emissions.

One of the major steps a refinery can make is the replacement of shell-and-tube heat exchangers with spiral or plate heat exchangers. The implementation of either type is ensured to improve efficiency and reduce the likelihood of fouling, leading to significant savings in maintenance costs. Regardless of the exchangers in use, improvements to a maintenance program through process monitoring and new cleaning methods should be explored as a way to proactively ensure optimal operation of a plant's assets. This includes predictive maintenance programs that keep tabs on key performance indicators, cleaning chemicals and additives for online cleaning, and offline cleaning for safe and thorough removal of foulants.

Additionally, the energy management & conservation section features the latest trends and technology offerings, including:

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