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Worldwide Refining Business Digest Weekly.e

Publication date:Weekly- 2019
Item#: A000900

Extensive coverage of refining industry news in the US-Americas, Europe/Middle East/Africa, and Asia-Pacific regions.

For over 25 years, the Digest has been the most inclusive, global, and timely news publication of its kind. This weekly newsletter contains futures and spot prices for crude and refined products, refining margins, and comprehensive summaries of refining business and technology news culled from hundreds of newswire articles, news blogs, petroleum magazines, trade journals, business newspapers, and government reports from around the world. Delivered to you electronically every Monday morning, each issue serves as a comprehensive recap of the previous week's events, preparing you for the business challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

How can the Digest benefit you?

Truly global coverage gives panoramic view of the refining business worldwide

Insights of growing trends not available from fragmented news in magazines and internet

Representation of different views that link upstream, midstream, retail news to refining business

Customized layout helps refiners spot challenges and opportunities

Big Data mining based on comprehensive archived get-to-the-point information

The Digest consists of 9 sections:

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Pricing (US $) $1,250.00 $2,050** , Monthly Subscription.

The Digest Weekly.e is sold for the exclusive use of the subscriber. No other use, duplication, electronic forwarding of the Digest Weekly.e or any part contained therein is permitted without the written consent from Hydrocarbon Publishing Company, P.O. Box 661, Southeastern PA 19399 (USA).

Keywords: refining margins, crude futures prices, crude OPEC spot prices, futures, crack spreads, gasoline spot prices, retail fuel prices, cash crude prices, refinery shutdowns/maintenance/outages, oil inventories